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Crooked Back Whackers Anonymous

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce!
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"Lenny Bruce spoke frankly about sex, race, religion, government and the lies we tell ourselves. The things he said infuriated those in power, and authorities in the largest, most progressive cities in the country tried relentlessly to silence him. To them, Lenny’s words were filthy and depraved. But to his fans—the hip, the discontented, the fringe—his words were not only sharp and hilarious, they were also a light in the dark, repressed society of the times."
- Trials of Lenny Bruce website

This is a Community dedicated to the one and only Lenny Bruce [b. Leonard Alfred Schneider]. It was made because there is no community for Lenny and those who can dig him yet on Livejournal and he sure as hell deserves one.
This is... in cliche community intro style... a place for all those who are interested in Lenny to speak well of him [you can speak ill too, but we'll probably kick your ass] and post anything related to him.

Just make a few waves when you join so's we know you exist, and use the name Lenny Bruce in a sentence in your opening post.

Come one, come all.