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Welcome one and all - Crooked Back Whackers Anonymous

About Welcome one and all

Welcome one and all Apr. 6th, 2005 @ 07:15 pm Next Entry
WELCOME one and all to the Crooked Back Whackers Anonymous Association.
The [appallingly] ONE and ONLY Lenny Bruce community on Livejournal.

I am the... figure of authority here. Meaning I will set the rules.
They're simple.
Eat in area A.
Sleep in area B.
Throw your crap in area C.

I'll be posting bits and pieces of Lenny's words [when you least expect it or whenever i feel like it]in a segment entitled "LENNY SAYS."

Now, for some words ON Lenny, by the venerable Steve Allen:

"Lenny always seemed to me the first of the modern comedians. Before him, Nightclub comedy was limited to a few established formulas. Some comedians did an endless string of jokes - Henny Youngman, Morey Amsterdam, Rodney Dangerfield. Others told funny stories - Danny Thomas, Myron Cohen, Lou Holtz. A third category worked out of a musical context, like Jimmy Durante. But Lenny broke entirely new ground. He commented on the world around him, and, since he had the sensitivity of a philosopher plus a superior intelligence, the things he says were always insightful."
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